Layer Selection

Is there a way of automatically selecting an objects layer? (Without searching for it.) The opposite of select all objects in a layer.

Even better, is there a way of always automatically selecting the layer of the object selected (like in max.)

Barring the above, Is there a way of looking through layers using a namesearch?

You mean select the Layer in the Layers panel when an object on that layer is selected, right? If so, you can use the Tools icon in the Layer panel and choose “select objects layer”

Does that help?


Yes I’ve been using rhino forever and never came across it! WAAAT


Ok, now I’m wondering how I can add that to my hot keys. It’s not a command that appears in command prompt.

Hi Jean-Francis - this RhinoScript will work in the V6/WIP, if you are trying that at all - save, then Drag and Drop the script onto a V6 window, this will add


as an alias. I’ll double check but I don’t think V5 has the necessary functions in RhinoScript, I just happened to remember it was added to v6 - I’ll check into a Python for V5, but it may not be possible.

LayerHighlight.rvb (591 Bytes)


thanks! I will try once I get v6.