Layer search

Working with a lot of layers it can be difficult to find the layer you need.
Could you introduce a search field in the layer tab? This would make it a lot easier to work with layers.

Thanks in advance.

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I made a script FLayer, meaning “Find and Set a specified Layer as the CurrentLayer”. You can download it here (FLayer.rvb) :
FLayer.rvb (1.0 KB)

Hint: Full path can be specified, like so:


To simplify typing long paths the script also translates any comma (",") into the std path delimiter “::”, meaning that also the following path would be found:


If only the end target layer name is specified (i.e. “ASO” above) the first occurence in the layer tree is set to CurrentLayer. If the layer name or path is not found, a message indicates so in the command line.

For instructions how to install the script so it’s always available (with a shortcut name “FL”), see th following post :


// Rolf

Hi Morten - thanks, I’ve run into exactly this recently on a complex project, but I did not get around to making the official wish…



great. Thanks Pascal.

Pascal, Any progress on a search function for layer names & properties? It would be a huge help for complex models and should be fairly easy to implement. BTW there are requests for this function going back many years. Thanks in advance!

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@billhearnc1 - let’s see if this python will get you anywhere.

To use the Python script use RunPythonScript, or a macro:

_-RunPythonScript "Full path to py file inside double-quotes"

(the best way in this case) (990 Bytes)

So - this is on the crude side but let’s just try it- type some characters from the layer in the box - they do have to be correct and sequential - part of the layer name in other words, there are no smarts in this. If there is only one match that layer will be highlighted, otherwise you get to choose among the matches. It is also easy enough to just highlight all the possible matches - I don’t know which is better - I think I feel an option coming on.


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Would be nice have a search layer tool!! :grinning:


guys, pls pls pls, make that a Rhino 8 feature @dale release target is still in future, it has been requested quite a few times and would really improve the layers.

i have so many layers which i have trouble finding, since i remember what i am looking for it would be a great help!

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