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Working with a lot of layers it can be difficult to find the layer you need.
Could you introduce a search field in the layer tab? This would make it a lot easier to work with layers.

Thanks in advance.

How to "install" a .rvb script?

I made a script FLayer, meaning “Find and Set a specified Layer as the CurrentLayer”. You can download it here (FLayer.rvb) :
FLayer.rvb (1.0 KB)

Hint: Full path can be specified, like so:


To simplify typing long paths the script also translates any comma (",") into the std path delimiter “::”, meaning that also the following path would be found:


If only the end target layer name is specified (i.e. “ASO” above) the first occurence in the layer tree is set to CurrentLayer. If the layer name or path is not found, a message indicates so in the command line.

For instructions how to install the script so it’s always available (with a shortcut name “FL”), see th following post :


// Rolf

(Pascal Golay) #3

Hi Morten - thanks, I’ve run into exactly this recently on a complex project, but I did not get around to making the official wish…



great. Thanks Pascal.