Layer names and named view numbers above 99 list order issue

Hi, just highlighting the fact that Rhino lists numbers above 99 incorrectly in the Layers list and Named Views (probably the others too, these are just the ones I use). For example, if you have 101 layers or named views it’ll list them as …, 08, 09, 10 , 100, 101, 11 ,12 ,13…

Ideally, obviously, it would list them as …, 98, 99, 100, 101. WIndows manages to do it.

Thanks, Ev

You are using a leading zero in the first 9 names. Why not using always leading zeroes. Then the sorting will be correct throughout - use as many leading zeroes as necessary to have all names be equal in lenght.

Named views are all strings, and these are sorted like that.

001, 002, …, 010, 011, 012, …, 100, 101, 102, …

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Hit the “New Layer” button 100+ times and see what comes up: “Layer 01, Layer 02, …Layer 99, Layer 100…”. Yeah, I could edit every single layer, or Rhino could sort it out. It even has a right click option to “Sort by: Name ascending” and “…decending”. Both of those sort it incorrectly.

To be clear, I dont care if it sorts it properly or it simply adds another/another two/ another ten zeroes to the start of each new layer name. The way it is at the moment is pretty stupid.

Edit: Scratch that, I do care. It should be able to sort it properly regardless, at least on the user’s side. What happens behind the scenes doesn’t matter, but any non-coding user that sees Rhino order the layers/names in that will say that its wrong.

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I am simply giving you a way to get the layers and views sorted until a better handling by Rhino is implemented.

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Thankyou, your first reply made no suggestion that you agreed it was a problem to be resolved.