Layers States: Bug/Suggestion


when I create a bunch of layers states and name them numerically, when I get to 10 the order gets lost. 10 goes after 1. The order ends up being something like this 0,1,10,11,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. Would it be possible to fix this?



The order is by dictionary. As 1 comes before 2 in the dictionary, any set of characters starting with 1, including numbers, will come before any entries starting with 2.

Try calling your layers 001, 002, 003, …, 010, 011, 012, … 100, 101, 102, …, 999 to get the “numerical order” right.

Thanks for the quick reply. I’m suppose I just need to get use to it. But still, If you rename them with your syntax the layers states stay in place, no matter. I would need to created them from scratch. It is a small bug but is something that should be fixed.

You can re-order layers by selecting them and using the Up/Down arrows in the Layer manager, or by dragging them to the correct position.

Also, clicking the header will sort the layers. See also and search for “sort”

Hi @menno,

I’m talking about layer states not layers. And they cannot be moved around, or at least I’m not able to.

Oops my bad. Should read better. You’re right, they can’t seem to be moved/sorted.

Hi Miguel,

Thanks for the feedback and the suggestion. I’ve added a request to allow rearranging in the layer state panel (RH-23115). If you leave the default numbering scheme of 01, 02, 03… it won’t go out of order as seen by humans after 10 as well but rearranging should be possible regardless.