"::" Layer hierarchy notation doesn't work in rs.GetLayer for "layer" argument

It seems rs.GetLayer doesn’t respect layer hierarchy so strings with “::” in them are not recognized as a valid layer names.

rs.GetLayer("Select Layers",  layer='Plans::Text')

Can anyone confirm?

That may be the case - haven’t tested yet - as GetLayer() second argument leads to this:


If I’m not mistaken, for it to take into account the full layer hierarchy for this argument, it would have to use

scriptcontext.doc.Layers.FindByFullPath() instead…

Correct me if I’m wrong here…

Not wrong - confirmed.

In a file with a parent layer testB with a child layer testC

import scriptcontext as sc


print "Layer index: {} | Layer name: {}".format(index_A, sc.doc.Layers[index_A])
print "Layer index: {} | Layer name: {}".format(index_B, sc.doc.Layers[index_B])

Layer index: -1 | Layer name: Default
Layer index: 3 | Layer name: testB::testC

Why index -1 “Default”?


So be careful, this could actually induce an error…

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Thank you for the research @Helvetosaur. I will fallback to Rhino.UI for now. I guess this should be filed as a BUG.

In the worst case, while waiting, you could simply encapsulate the GetLayer definition in your script - just copy the code out of userinterface.py and paste it in to your script as a separate definition - then modify the appropriate code line as above…

@Alain - can this be “improved”?

Already did that. Thank you.

Thanks for looking into that Mitch.
The issue is fixed in 6.x.


**image **

Thanks Alain!

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