-Layer Color Parent::Child Not Working

Can’t use parent::child convention with Color:

-Layer Color Parent::Child
“Layer not found”

Workaround is to select the layer with current first then set color:

-Layer Current parent::child Color Enter 0,0,0 Enter

Hello - I see that, thanks.


One more issue with setting color @pascal. When it changes the color, it doesn’t respect the full name.

-Layer New Crvs Enter
-Layer New y::Crvs Enter
-Layer New y::z::Crvs Enter
-Layer New x::Crvs Enter

-Layer Current Crvs Color Enter 0,0,0 Enter
-Layer Current y::Crvs Color Enter 0,0,0 Enter
-Layer Current y::z::Crvs Color Enter 0,0,0 Enter
-Layer Current x::Crvs Color Enter 255,0,0 Enter

All layers are set to 255,0,0…this has been a frustrating morning.

Did you get this @pascal?

Hi Eric - this looks to be the same issue and I have added an additional comment to the YT item. Thanks!