LaTex for grasshopper-expressions?


I wanted to ask if there is any chance to add LaTex-Notation to the Expression-Component in grasshopper. My eyes just start hurting after searching for typos on longer formulas. It would also be nice for showing people certain expressions.
I’ll add in a picture of what it looks like in my case:

Here it would also be nice to see the actual vectors instead of it’s X- and Y-Values in different Expression-Components, I know that I could put it all in one Expression using {x,y}, but that would make things even more complicated to look at.

Would do you think?

Problem is that \LaTeX is a typesetting system, not an expression notation. There’s a lot of overlap of course, and there may well be something to be done, and yes I agree it would be much nicer to look at an expression component and see:

\sqrt{\frac{t_x \cdot cos(\pi \cdot m)}{t_y \cdot sin(\frac{1}{2}\pi \cdot n)}}

instead of:

Pow(t.X * cos(pi * m) / (t.Y * sin(0.5 * pi * n), 0.5)

Going from code-correct strings to \LaTeX-correct commands will be tricky. I don’t know if I’ll get around to it for Grasshopper 2.0 even.

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