Expression component look

Is there a way to see the actual numbers in the expression component, instead of variables?
Or a way to somehow export expressions from the grasshopper document

Hi -

I’m not sure what you mean. You can see the numbers from the components that feed the inputs. If those are not variables but constants, you could just use the constants in the expression…

no, these are variables… Ideally I would like to see how expression node shows numbers instead of letters on it. So i can easily see which numbers were used, so i can be sure that im not mistaken

Hi Ivan -

But which number would you use? Each letter represents a long list of numbers.
I suppose you could put together a string where the letters are replaced by one of the list items but you would have to pick an index.
Can you post an example?

Okay. I have a definition, that should compute incoming number by a few formulas, using expression component.

I would love to see instead of “x” - 415 and instead of “y” - 0.7, and in case i change them into something else, i want my expression to work properly. Im talking about simply visualizing expression in a different way.

Hi -

In this case, where you don’t have lists of values as inputs, you can string together all parts of you equation. A simple script component would be least messy but it’s basically this:


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