Latest Rhino6 WIP seems to have fixed AddRevSrf problem

I had a failure with a Python script due to what seemed to be a JoinSurfaces problem. But I am now convinced it was a AddRevSrf failure that has been fixed in the latest Rhino6 WIP. With this command now working and creating a closed, single surface, I had to remove the ExplodePolySurfaces & JoinSurfaces commands I was using to fix its failure. Now all seems to be working again.

Previously it seems like this was a BooleanUnion problem. But that traced back to JoinSurfaces returning None. Which traced back to AddRevSrf being fixed so the JoinSurfaces step was not needed.

Both rs.BooleanUnion() and rs.BooleanDifference() seem to work here in the latest WIP (20.04.17) with two boxes, spheres, cylinders, etc. - so it might still be your particular objects.