Laser cutting help - chaotic travel

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Laser cutter using Bystronic 4000 watt laser and Solid Edge.
Laser cutter says: “the CAD file you provided has a lot of broken lines and will not program.”

How can I fix?

Thank you

There is not enough info in your message to determine what the problem is… The curves originate from Rhino? How are they exported? What role does SolidEdge play?

I surmise you are exporting a dxf with everything converted to line segments and exploded, but that’s just a guess at this point.


Hi Mitch,

Curves exported as dxf from Rhino as multiple types i.e. R12, R 2004, lines & arcs, etc.

Cutter says all files are junk.
Cutter says they are using Solid Edge

Cutter not very helpful.

I’ve reviewed the Rhino “Preparing files for laser cutting” and have tried convert to lines & arcs.
Have tried multiple solutions using convert.

When I view file (dxf) in Lazy Cam it appears to have multiple travel moves.
When viewed in CamBam it appears to have few & optimized travel.

Any help will be much appreciated.


Hm - sounds like maybe curve ordering is causing problems, maybe?


How can I re-order curves?


Hi Marc - can you post a small example file (Rhino file)?


Small is attached
test 1.3dm (2.7 MB)

Hi Marc- see if this ancient and hacky script helps - it will not help with the number of segments but if you run it on the curves before exporting it may help the travel part…

To use the script, save the rvb file then drag and drop it onto Rhino, then type OrderCurves - it should run every time after that.

SetCrvOrder.rvb (4.6 KB)

Thanks tons!

Will do and then get back later.


Find another laser cutter? Mine has absolutely no problem with dxf’s out of Rhino… Below is stuff I just had cut out of 5mm steel…


Hmm, I’ve had much cut similar to your steel.

However, where/who is your cutter.

I can travel from Florida to North Carolina for service.
And/or send out for fright delivery if you are within the US.


I always export as dwg R12. Never had a problem.

Yeah, sorry, my laser cutter is in Switzerland - about 15 minutes from here… They have Trumpf lasers, I think they run them with Alphacam.