Lamborghini Configurator - Maya > Grasshopper (WB, Mesh+,Squid,..) > ShapeDiver

Hello guys :smiley:

I would like to share with you this thing which I’m really proud of:

This is a little piece of the Lamborghini Configurator I did and that you can find at this link:

It was a long process but very interesting. The model is done in Maya by me, imported in Rhino-Grasshopper and prepared to be displayed in ShapeDiver. Renders are done by Mattia Ker in Keyshot 9.

I’ve used a lot of plug-ins for GH all compatible with ShapeDiver:

Really cool was the part of the plate to create the name and the decor line. I’m attaching here an example file (34.9 KB)

You can learn more about it at this link:

Feel free to ask here other questions or improvements I could do.
Michele Farina


p.s. I’ve used Squid also for the car’s ground shadow. You can just use this flow:

And a similar opacity map as this one:

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