Ladybug on GH for Mac OS X

Dear All,
I think i’ve managed to install Ladybug and Honeybee on my mac GH, while none of the components show up in the toolbar- Old ladybug files open up with all components embedded in them.
The challenge now is that there is no genskymtx file available for the analysis - does anyone have any experience successfully running Ladybug on rhino wip?
From searching around online, on the ladybug GitHub page I did find the last update from 2016 so I imagine progress would have been made on the integration but can’t find any instances of reported success .
Below is the last post on the GitHub page

mostaphaRoudsari commented on Nov 9, 2016

@jmarrec thank you for the commit. we’re rewriting ladybug and honeybee with having crossplatform issues in mind. Here is the presentation that @sariths and I did during the radiance workshop which shows where we are in the process with radiance.

The latest update of the LB|HB [+] plugins is from 2018-02-09:

It’s best to post your questions on the LB|HB discourse…