LADY BUG import cvs file or create epw file from excel file

Hi! I want to create a epw file from an excel file I already have is it possible?
WeatherMars2.csv (98.4 KB)

Hi - Just for reference I’m linking to your post on the Ladybug Tools forum - it’s more likely that you’ll get an answer there.

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Hi @lucianatenorio to create a new EPW file, you need to have 13 parameters of weather data for all 8760 hours of the year, that in your file which you have attached, it doesn’t seem appropriate for creating a new EPW file.
It’s better, at first open and study an EPW file, to provide your new data, base on these parameters.

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Thank you! Is there any correct way to import the epw file in excel? Because I just tried opening one in excel and the columns where all messed up

anytime @lucianatenorio, instead of Excel, you can use free software, “Elements” for studying all parameters of an EPW file, which you can modify and update every data on it, then save your own EPW file.

I hope, it can be helpful for you.

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thank you! One more question I just download elements and Im modifying the file but I can't find how to change the parameters, for example in the case of air pressure the average is 100 KPa but as Im creating a file for Mars weather the air pressure is 0.7KPa and the file can only let me input as low as 80 KPa how do I change the parameters?

HI again, @lucianatenorio, are you sure that you have measured the air pressure correctly???
I guess you faulted your measurements; I refer you to this useful resource to find out the foundation study about average air pressure at the surface of the Earth! 0.7KPa is too low!!! How and where did you measure this value? Where is your EPW location?

Yes that’s why the data I have is from Mars, there’s no atmosphere, and the air pressure is less than earth 1% that’s why the number is too low.

Yes, it’s because of that these EPW files are designed for conditions of the earth. And you can’t modify that with data that related to Mars actually because those inputs are far away outside of the range that considered for this parameter of EPW.