Ladder [Leader] object function auto update?

@Fred_C thanks for the correction i had a doubt… French english…

Hello - so far, I don’t follow what the request is I’m afraid.


Let says i’ve got the red ladder with attached obect name and Userkeys function.
A copy and paste it (in black) and would like to update the content by selecting the blue circle to update the function to the new ID…
Is that clearer???

Hello - yes, I see. Currently there is no one object that supplies the id for each field, each one can and must be specified independently so it is hard to see how to make this much more automatic and keep the independence of the id-related text fields (four, it looks like - name, user text , area, and length), if you see what I mean. How would you want to specify the object?


Well it seems obvious to me that a ladder with those functions available would be linked to the same single object. Wouldn’t it be possible to make a kind of “generic” function based on ID parameter “A
%<ObjectName(“ A ”)>% %<UserText(“ A ”,“Type2”)>%
And a button which would ask: "please selected an object let says “B” to updated all the ladder functions??? Just really powerful for layouts… and a enormous amount of saved time!!!

Hello - added to the pile of features to consider -


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To those who spend (or waste) lots of time on layouts adding thousands of leaders full of Specific ID rich text ( which aim was probably to simplify this task) please add :hearts::+1: to this post!!
As far are more and more people are working with Grasshopper adding lots of BIM data on geometry (material, thickness, area, weight, length …)which can be extract with ID rich text, leader can now be now Rich with “home made” style… and could be FAST with this request feature, which would make this basic leader tool powerful, and make Rhino a huge step forward in the Layout edition.

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Happy birthday!! One year have past already since the added features on the pile RH-50040…
Probably more than a million of LEADERS have been done painfully since that request… leaders which are for product designers, architects, boat builder etc… the most obvious tool for layouts… Couldn’t that be on the top pile?? For thoses who are discussing of Blocks BOM BIM and assemblies… without that updated tool it doesn’t really worth it if you spend hours on layout which could be only few minutes…
Like all priorities maybe a little help from users who might share this painfull step on a project, give a :+1:

Best regards

@DavidRutten do you think it might be possible to have a “define leader” which could be visible only on detail layout (which could be selected from a list as the layout) and on which the starting point would be in the world coordonate and the other point in the layout coordonate or as an alternative in relative coordonate of the first poitn in layout??
As a workaround we could make some nice script in which detail layout leadering could be automatical.
For example
I’ve got a plate of aluminium 5083h111 of 6mm named LC0-2, the material, the thickness would be user value of user key easily grab by GH

@pascal for that example with only 3 datas that i even can’t get actually despite the name it requires me 15clic!!!
3x [1>Fx icon 2>object name 3>select object 4>clic on the object 5> OK ]
Imagine a simple file let says a boat with more than 100 parts…

Best regards…

Something that might look likt this… and actually there is only 5 plates…