Labeling panels by uniqueness

hi guys,

i’m trying to make a logic to label these panels make them recognizable for their dimensions.
for example
a panel of 1000 * 2000 should take code P1
1000 * 500 P2

do you have any idea of how to do that ? (36.5 KB)
dimo.3dm (182.8 KB)

Looks like the panels ‘1’ on the far right edge wouldn’t be the same width as all the other ‘1’ panels to the left? But maybe I’m misunderstanding and you’re trying to sort panels based on their length? But then if you sort them based on their lengths then ‘p4’ on the top right corner would be the same length as the 'p3’s to the left on the top row?
Meanwhile I thought a ‘fun’ way to do it would be to at least sort the panels based on their unique overall lengths to identify them easily and color-code them - I guess something similar could be done via your logic of W x L or their diagonal or something.

I’m not saying it’s what you want, 'just saying I thought it’d be fun :stuck_out_tongue: (52.6 KB)

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Thank you that is interesting one!

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Here’s a simple take on this.
You evaluate only 2 things in this case; width and height. But in more complex situations you could add area, circumference, edge amounts, etc… Whatever you can think of that could differ between panels.

You combine that data as a unique string and then use Set component in order to find the distinct elements. After that it’s easy to label, color, or otherwise find meaningful data. (42.7 KB)


thank you Toni this is what i was looking for!

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