Labeling Issue

Dear Community members. My pervious thread become useless because of my bad approach I apologies’ for that. The problem which right now I am facing is to label the parts of these Breps in vertical order. I attach my working file, with required screengrabs. Admin pls delete my old thread and forgive me for my mistake. Thanks in advance. I know there is relative item component to solve this but failed. Help me in my learning.

Old topic to delete : Changing label order

file: (732.8 KB)

DUPLICATE thread! No need for that.

I mentioned Mr. @Joseph_Oster glad you able to help me.

I don’t see the need to delete the old thread, maybe it can help someone who is going through a similar issue.

The “old thread” now has a solution posted (3 copies). This duplicate thread should not have been started and can be deleted with no loss to anyone.