L-system tree

How can I generate a tree support structure for a flat roof like this one?
Or for a curved roof? Basically I want to input any surface and support it in a similar fashion.

You don’t need an L-System to do that, just recursion, for example using Anemone.

QuadTreeToRoof.gh (21.5 KB)


Jesus Christ you totally nailed it. I was just testing Anemone but made great many errors.

Wonderful solution! Brilliant!

Thank you. I reupload the file including the license.

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Very helpful example @Dani_Abalde, thank you soo much. I picked it apart to learn how it works and that helped me a lot. I was only wondering why you went the extra mile with the Weigthed Average instead of a normal average.


Instead of moving each module to its midpoint, it moves toward the midpoint but approximating toward the extreme point. This makes it look more fluid and adapted to its restrictions (the surface and the extreme point). The difference is subtle, maybe I should have squared the factors or reverse them…

thanks for the clarification!