Kicking Off a Friendly Grasshopper Competition Amongst Three Co-Workers

Hows it going guys! I work within a design studio and we all use Rhino. But we never really use Rhino’s Grasshopper plugin. So we concluded probably one of the best ways to learn is to compete against each other. The competition is 10 days and we are all starting from square one. Do you guys have any good tutorials and resources for Grasshopper and Kangaroo ?

Thanks in advance ! :crazy_face:

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Search with Google and Youtube you find plenty of free and paid tutorials.
But i don’t think 10 days is enough to learn Grasshopper.

For the basics go over to this page

I think it is best to do that first before starting a competition.

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Thanks for the input! I guess I should of mentioned that this is amongst three buddies haha. A good exercise is all.

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Thanks for this! hase quite a bit of information!

Depending on the level of Grasshopper skill you all have, you could find a parametric design you like and then ask everyone to try replicate it in GH? Whoever recreates the design the most accurately and/or with the least components wins…

You could start with something simple, this website might be good to start with (pick a definition and try recreate it without looking at the answer) >> Then you can build up to trying to replicate real-world parametric designs, such as facades etc.

That’s the right mind set!

Learning Grasshopper can take a long time, but the best way - in my opinion - is with projects. Conceptualize what you want to do, break it down into smaller tasks, and then research how you can accomplish each of these individual parts with Grasshopper.
I’d also start with something easy. It will be less frustrating because it will lead to faster results!

Here’s a general piece of advice! If you want to truly learn Grasshopper, it’s not enough to only learn how to use this specific tool superficially, but study the basics of programming and revisit maths concepts that you learned back in high school like trigonometry.

And have fun!


Here’s a list of learning resources I usually provide when running our inhouse courses:

David Rutten Videos

The Modelab Grasshopper Primer (legacy version)

O’Reilly Course (Luis Fraguada from McNeel)

Essential Mathematics/Algorithms Primers

Andrew Heumann Content

Harvard GSD-6338 (Jose Luis Garcia del Castillo)

Think Parametric

Parametric House

The McNeel Discourse

The Defunct Grasshopper Forum


Wow! :ok_hand:

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Thanks for the advice! I know python quite well and have developed a couple scripts to assist my workflow within Rhino and I think thats one advantage I have. I agree right now I want to just create a cool vase and take it from there or at least thats the idea.

Thanks for this ! I have started on Ruttens videos but will check out the others. Do you guys think the O’Reilly course is worth it ?

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I think it’s the best general introductory Grasshopper course I’ve reviewed for sure. And even though it’s a bit old it isn’t dated, as Grasshopper hasn’t fundamentally changed since 2016. You can try the free trial and see what you think. It’s quite generous with the allotted time too.

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Shots fired! :sunglasses:

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That is hilarious!

Sounds good Ill probably give it a go then. Thanks again for your insight!

The best PDF learning resource IMO.


I would recommend to warm up first!


I’d add to your very very good list- Gediminas Kirdeikis


This is what I have been looking for, honestly. Learning how to use and manipulate data types then it looks like we start incorporating geometry into these data types. Thanks for this ! Today is the official start date of the competition we have ten days from today !

Thanks for this!