Keynote annotation based on type catalogues


I’m a long time Revit user who has dabbled in Grasshopper over the years.

I am trying to set up the equivalent of Revit detail families in VisualARQ, with automated keynoting.

The geometry is straight forward with Grasshopper - much more powerful, structured and controlled than Revit.
The keynote annotation and predetermined configurations of the component appear tricky so far…

Am I able to prepare a predetermined list of limited configurations of components - ie board sizes (90x45 H3.2, 70x45 H3.2, 45x45 H3.2 etc) to be provided as an input into Grasshopper ?

Can I then contain this annotation (from the predetermined list) in a field that another VisualARQ annotation object can read?

The process of annotation would then be :

  • select the keynote annotation tool written in Grasshopper that can read fields from VisualARQ objects
  • select the object to annotate
  • place a leader from the relevant object to the text location
  • locate the text

This is much like the process in Revit at present.

Looking forward to contributing to the community.


Hi Crispin,
You can try to create your Annotation object as a “Grasshopper style” (as this example here: Annotations - VisualARQ )

You can have “Value lists” in the GH file that VisualARQ can understand as a parameter of the object (for example to handle the “board size” parameter). You can also have points or curves as input parameters, and texts, curves, or hatches as output geometry (as the example of the “Elevation mark”).

This way you can create a new “Annotation style” based on that GH definition, and later on insert different Annotation objects in the model, that are based on that style, each one with different parameters.

Let me know if you have any questions about that. If you provide one example of the Annotation you have in mind, we can see the possibilities using the “Grasshopper styles”.