Keyboard event handling


I want to make a script that continuously redraws objects based on parameters provided via a dialog box.

I currently have this function which is showing the dialog box, collecting the parameters, and redrawing the object.

def RebuildOpticalZone(optical_zone_id):

  args = RebuildCurveArgs()

  dlg = RebuildCurveDialog(args)
  rc = dlg.ShowModal(RhinoEtoApp.MainWindow)
  if rc and args.IsValid():
      optical_zone_new = createOpticalZone(args.Clearance, args.BCR, args.BOZD)
      if optical_zone_new:
          if args.DeleteInput:
              sc.doc.Objects.Replace(optical_zone_id, optical_zone_new)
              sc.doc.Objects.Add(optical_zone_new, optical_zone_new.Object().Attributes)

I call the RebuildOpticalZone function from the main function:

if( __name__ == "__main__" ):

I would like to add keyboard listening functionality, whereby the dialog box shows up after pressing a key. The objects are then redrawn after providing the parameters.

I found there is a Rhino.GetKey() command but have not managed to make it work. Would it be possible to provide some sample code?


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