Kerf Spacing Calculator for Bending Wood

Hello everybody.
I’m wondering if someone has done a grasshopper assembly or there’s a plug-in to do a “Kerf Spacing Calculator for Bending Wood” like this:

but for more complex curves (ex)


The user manual that came with my radial arm saw has a section about this. There’s a diagram just like the first one you posted. Unfortunately all the section really says is “You can do this…” but gives no data on how to do it.

When I first read that section I realized there were just too many variables that had to be experimented with to get a specific result. Blade/cut thickness, depth of cut, cut spacing, flexibility of material, desired radius of curvature all play a part in the final result. It was obvious to me this would be a trial & error kind of process.

The good news is that with GH you could use Kangaroo to solve this. (At least I think you could - I’ve never used Kangaroo myself.) One tricky part would be how to characterize the flexibility of the cut material. No doubt you could end up making cuts that would simply break when you tried to bend it. I don’t know if kangaroo has a way to deal with this, but someone here should know that.

The rest of the parameters are easy to set, and all you’d need was a mechanism to accept them and then produce the final bend. Maybe someone here with more experience than I have can chime in with some practical input you could actually use.

You can calculate spaces (Cut Width) and use Dash pattern

bend (13.8 KB)

Also check this maybe help

Are the kerfs allowed to be variable in width, or is it the spacing that determines the bending radius?

The spacing based on the bended model

I’m sure someone did something like this on the old forum. Have you searched there? There’s an old video called Kerf Bending but its no longer on the site and the external link doesn’t work.

This is cool though…

Linked from an old plugin on the old website…