Keep PersistentOnPolysurface Osnap Enabled at all times?

It would be great if we could keep the PersistentOnPolysurface enabled at all times. Same goes for many of the other One-shot Osnaps. Is this possible?

Hello- no it is not possible.


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what is your specific workflow ?

you mean _OnPOlySurface Snap ? which requires first to select a polysurface, than a point on it ?
why do you want have this persitant - it is more like a aid then a real precise snap.
most commands require precise snapping - mostly end-points / mid-points, maybe perpendicular…

if you have a specific Workflow, you can use macro or scripting to draw on a polysurface .

kind regards -tom

Thank you for your responses.

I guess this all comes back to me looking for a way to quickly and interactively model in a Shaded perspective window. I originally created a post with several questions and realized a shorter post may be more helpful in getting a response.

I have since added a gif of a basic workflow I am attempting to achieve in Rhino - Modeling Quickly with Dynamic and Automatic CPlanes, a 3D Wall tool, and a 3D Hole tool

I have made my own easily accessible toolbar for this purpose:

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Thank you eobet. This is a helpful temporary solution.