Keep floating Rhino Python Editor on top?


Would it be possible to get an option to keep the floating Rhino Python editor on top of the Rhino window (but below Grasshopper)?

Currently, it disappears behind the Rhino window, when you click on the latter.

This is pretty annoying, because you have to move the - in my case - huge Rhino window, only to get the editor back.

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In full screen the editor won’t disappear. [here at least] and perhaps if you need GH open on the same screen, then the split screen option will allow for the editor to stay on top. [downside of course is that this only works as a vertical split]


Ah, you’re right! However, I usually don’t work in full screen.
If the functionality is already there, it shouldn’t be too hard to make this an option for people who work with floating windows.

Yep, that is a nuisance - I am pretty certain I added a but report for this the other day but I cannot find it at the moment - I’ll make sure it is on the pile, thanks.

RH-64136 EditpythonScript: Keep the window in front



Thank you.