[Wish] RhinoPythonEditor small tweak

@stevebaer, @Alain,

While we wait for a better editor or some external editor integration.
Could we have a small tweak about how the editor window behaves.

Now, if you run a script the editor minimizes, then it doesn’t always come back (restored).
Also the window stays always on top.

My wish is if you could just make it behave more like the Grasshopper window.

  • double click on the title bar to collapse it, leaving just the title bar visible.
  • and not minimize it at all whenever a script is ran.
  • also, make the “always on top” a user setting.

Of course this should be an option/setting if some users prefers it as it is. I prefer the way GH behaves because I work on a single monitor setup and it is simply better.

Thanks in advance.