Katana Project

Greetings to all. Recently I was lucky enough to take part in a project that is connected with a new direction for me - work with polymers and resins, namely carbon and plastic. The goal was to make a futuristic scabbard, handle and stand for a souvenir katana.

A plan was developed for dividing into parts - shell and filling.

The filling is made of ABS plastic.

After that, we were able to analyze how the parts are assembled and make some changes.

At the same time, a stand was developed. We made it from photopolymer resin, painted it and covered it with leather. The visible parts were pebbled (displacement - ExtractRenderMesh).


By this time, the carbon part was already being prepared.

Only the final assembly remained.

And here is the result for you. Thank you.


Fabulous work! What kind of printer are you using here?

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Thats Amazing!
I want one.

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Thanks a lot. It was Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K.


Thanks. I am not a big fan of oriental souvenirs, but I would keep this thing for myself with pleasure.

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