Irregularities in the Karamba3D Cross Section Optimiser

We’ve be trying to apply custom families to cross sections so that different elements can be optimised using separate sets of available cross sections. However, we’ve noticed some erroneous results from the cross section optimiser. When we give a maximum utilisation of 90% we get different results from when we give a maximum utilisation of 100% despite the maximum utilisation given from the “Utilisation of Elements” component is <15%.

We’ve tried changing the model to solve the issue but it may to highlight a bug in the latest version of karamba. We’re running Karamba3D WIP

Karamba (217.0 KB)

Dear @Matt_Church,

thanks for your bug-report!

There is a problem in the ‘Utilization’-component. Contrary to what is said in the help-text of the ‘LCase’ input-plug it outputs by default the results for the first load-case and not the maximum of all. Input ‘-1’ to get the maximum of all load-cases.

This will be fixed in version

– Clemens