Karamba keep crashing

Hello Rhino Friends,

I’m new in the Karamba Gh workflow. My issue is everytime I plug Assemble to Analysis component, it crashes with the latest karamba version 2.2. At the begining I thought it was because of the RH version being not updated one. So I updated rh7 to the latest one RH7 SR29, but the crachs go on.

I’ve never encountered this. Is there a solution to that?

Looking forward to hear from you guys!


Hi, can you please share your script so that we can troubleshoot it.

sure, let’s shoot the trouble!
Karam.gh (50.5 KB)

But I think it’s rather software-plug in comptability issue, let’s dive in!

Hi, the script works fine when I connect it. However i do notice that you are using a much older version of Karamba. Did you make sure to download and install the latest version? The latest version is

Thanks for interaction.

I’m trying to solve the problem by different version, the thing is in th eold version, the shell view won’t work, in the new version, the analysis part crashes when connected.

Perhaps I should try the save mode… or rh6. It’s kind of crazy I have to say :wink:

I’ll keep you informed.

Hello again,

problem solved for the older version! The inaction was due to lacking the “analyse” between "assemble and “model view” component!

But the crash for the lattest rh + karamba version still here. Save mode stops the crash though but display quality is limited.

If one day I got the new version solved as well, I’ll let you know!


Hi, that is strange, you should be able to plug the modelview into the assemble model component.

However, can you send an error report to us (there should be a popup that appears), should rhino crash the next time.

Hi Matthew,

Actually there is not specific message rather than a classic crash interface with an elephant picture, urging me to send or not a message to McNeel.

It should do with the version of RH7 I think.


yes, please click send and we will get the error message forwarded to us.