KARAJAZ by Mauricio Favacho

Mauricio Favacho is a geologist entrepreneur who uses Rhino for prototyping techniques for jewelry in the Amazonia region of Brazil. His company, KARAJAZ, sells commercial and competitive jewelry products with beautiful designs inspired by local culture and made with local raw materials.

In the Amazon region, it is very common to use organic elements from the rainforest such as seeds, wood, fish parts, and buffalo bones/horns. (These last ones come from private facilities that raise these animals for human consumption and in compliance with local and environmental laws.) Check out his website to see his products!

For additional information please contact Mauricio Favacho.

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Posted Dec 04, 2018 by Andres Gonzalez on Rhino News, etc.

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Nice to see they are using an educational version, at least according to the screenshot.
Typical academic use of the software