Kangaroo2 for mac

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to use kangaroo 2 on mac by opening a definition but an error message appear saying that some components are missing. The thing is that I have already installed kangaroo2 on grasshopper.

Do anyone know how to solve this?

Hi @grigoriadis.georges,

The components those errors are about are from the old version of Kangaroo.
If you post the file I can show how to do the same thing with the current version.

Hello @DanielPiker Daniel, thank you for your help

Here is the file

Mesh - Kangaroo Drape.gh (19.7 KB)

Does the name of the components has changed?

Hello @DanielPiker , Have find finally a way to solve this issue?

Have a look at the ‘Drape’ example here:

Thank you @DanielPiker

Also, here’s one using a much faster version of the solid-pt collide component.
Drape_example.gh (50.4 KB)
It uses a script though, for which you’ll have to set the assembly reference location when you open it, as described here:


Thank you Daniel

I have change the trajectory as explained in the comments but I have an error in the second script box:

Ah yes, it was using the task parallel library, which I guess isn’t available on Mac.
Here’s a version with that changed to a simple loop:
Drape_example_nonParallel.gh (46.8 KB)

It is working thank you! And how can i prevent it to go in the mesh ? And to make a drape of a box?

Here’s one that uses solid-line collision, which should do a better job of preventing it clipping through the edges. You can also use a slight offset of your solid to avoid this:
drape_lines_boxes.gh (18.5 KB)

Thank you very much @DanielPiker

Parallel threading is actually supported on mac. You just can’t access it directly and have to use System.Threading.Tasks.Parallel to access it…

Drape_example-mac.gh (54.5 KB)

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Good to know, thanks!