Kangaroo ellipse packing

Hi all,

unfortunately I have a a packing problem that is complicated big for me.

Circle packing is common and well documented, but if it comes to other geometry I can’t find any example. Hence I try this way:

With this base I want to pack ellipses instead of circle on a mesh. And these ellipses should have the same orientation. The solutions should be something like this:

If anybody has a hint on that I would be super happy!

GH_EllipePacking.gh (21.0 KB)

Since you say they all have the same orientation, I think there is a nice trick you could use here -
just scale the surface in the direction your ellipses are elongated in, by the inverse of that factor of elongation relative to a circle,
do a circle packing,
then scale it all back to the original dimensions


Think outside the box :wink:

Awesome! It works brilliantly. Thanks