Kangaroo custom goal shows no effects

Hi, I created a custom goal (NormalVectorLimiter) and I want to run it from my component so I can debug it. Debuggin worked but it seems that even thought my custom goal is in the data tree and breakpoints work, the final effect is not the same if I use the same code on script window and pass it in the regular zombie solver. What might be the reason for that?

Here is the part of the code that runs the goals. I found it on github:

var goals = DefineGoals(PS, out initPlanes, out int refBranch);
List<IGoal> goalList = FlattenInput(goals);
if (goalList.Count == 0)
    return false;

foreach (IGoal Goal in goalList)
    if (Goal.PIndex == null)
        PS.AssignPIndex(Goal, ParamValue("tolerance", 0.0001));

}  while (PS.GetvSum() > threshold && PS.GetIterations() < maxIterations); //GetvSum returns the current kinetic energy
                                                                          // always include a counter to prevent it getting stuck forever in case it cannot reach the given threshol                   


I guess careful matching of indices was not my strong point. I have better results by checking my inputs.