Kangaroo2 Custom Goal Question

Hello all,

I have a question about custom goals for Kangaroo2.

I am looking to create a custom goal that is a specified distance away from Brep.

I created it by changing the Calcluale method of OnSurf in the following CustomGoal.

I have created it with a C# component and it is working fine.

The C# logic works, but the one through Kangaroo’s Solver goes wrong when the distance is within a certain range.

CustomGoal_question.gh (41 KB)

Does anyone know the reason?

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Hi @11159

Here’s one way this can be solved
CustomGoal_question.gh (37.3 KB)

I changed your goal so instead of using the full vector to the desired offset distance, it goes only some portion of that distance at each step. This reduces any chance of momentum putting it on the other side of the surface.
I’m not sure I fully understand the aim though. If it is just to put the points at a given offset from the brep, then this is more easily done by moving them directly without any need for Kangaroo.
Is this an extracted part of a more complex definition involving other goals?

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Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your quick response!

In industrial products, polysurfaces are offset to subtract with Boolean operations on wall thickness.
However, offsets rarely work, so I was looking for an alternative.

Also, when combined with other Kangaroo Goals such as EqualLength and Smooth, a single surface with uniform UVs can be created.
I think this custom goal is good for morphing and I would like it to be a standard component if possible :slight_smile:

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