Justify 3d Text - Draw3dText c#

Hi :slight_smile:
Another litte C# question that could be useful for other people aswell.

I was working on some component that need text so made a little test apart just to see how 3dtext behave. But I went into an issue.

Draw3dText don’t seems to have any way to be “justified” I would like to Align the text one time onto the right and one time onto the left but I don’t find how.

I tried to rotate the text but very fast I realised that it was the dumbest idea I ever had… :joy:
And writing reverse was also an idea… ok I’m out ^^

The Draw3dText Method : Draw3dText RhinoCommon

The code if you need (don’t look to close at it since is not meant to be beautiful, was just a very quiet test) : Draw3dText_justify.gh (4.4 KB)

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: