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Is there anyone using Jump components? I’m not using them but I would like to give them a try. However, there is one big limitation which makes them inconvenient. Speed.
Jump components could be handy when we are constantly moving between pieces of canvas, but in my taste, they are doing it waaay too slow. They move smooth and nice but under right-click on them, there should be speed regulation.
Speed scale would be cool because speed fixed at very high value could bring some chaos and discomfort. It is definitely a “paper-cut” type of problem but nonetheless, IMO worth considering.

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Jumps solve a problem that shouldn’t exist in the first place in my opinion. They are only useful if you have such a big file that regular navigation is cumbersome. I now believe big files are a severe mistake in algorithm design and should be avoided.

The jump speed may well be a design mistake, I wanted something which even over long distances doesn’t move too fast so that you lose sense of where you’re going. Some motion blur would allow for a faster motion, but that’s not really an option within the confines of the GDI+ graphics api :frowning:


I regulary use Grasshopper with very large file and jump makes navigation easier.
You suggest shorter algorithm ok, but how? python instead?


There are some ways as Wim linked, but admittedly Grasshopper1 doesn’t make it easy. I fully understand that it’s a limitation in the product which is forcing bad behaviour onto people rather than people wanting to be bad.

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Have you tried named views?

Yeah Grasshopper doesn’t always feel like it was designed to handle massive projects. But often, it feels like that’s the best route to take. I find nesting things into clusters can be often be a hindrance. When it’s a well tested and reusable block of components it works well. But while things are still in an exploratory phase, the overhead of using the input/outputs and not having visibility to what’s going on inside usually slows things down compared to the minor annoyance of having a large canvas. So long as you take care to keep things tidy and organized.

I couldn’t agree more about this exploratory phase - maybe one day as I will be more sure about my steps through making definitions and I will cluster things up earlier. Right now mostly I leave my scripts open because I can easily manipulate with them and change things, so they grow and grow.

On the other hand, I try to be very tedious about scripts and have my canvas clean - so every time I see monstrual spaghetti grasshopper definition I say to myself: what a pity that no one can read that.

About Named Views I made a different thread, check it if you like: