Joining two meshed objects for 3D printing

I know large boolean unions are generally frowned upon, yet here I go trying to do it again. Needless to say it didn’t work. I need to union these two meshed objects to make this object 3D printable.

here is a screenshot

Is this not the right approach, or maybe there is another program to do this with? Or perhaps I can cut the bottom off the figurine to establish a cleaner plane, and proceed from there?

here is the model:

Is there a good way to go about this in Rhino?

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Well sometimes separate overlapping objects will work with some 3D printing systems without actually having to BooleanUnion them…

Otherwise, yes, that’s what I would try, you can extract the whole bottom face with _ExtractConnectedMeshFaces and an angle of less than 1°. Delete those, slice your mesh torus in half at the same plane and discard the upper part.

There are several ways to re-make the bottom face. I find this is the most reliable:
Run _DupBorder on both remaining meshes. Use _PlanarSrf with the outer and inner curves to make a surface. Use _Mesh to convert the planar surface into a mesh, and discard the surface. Join all 3 parts, then run _MatchMeshEdge with a small tolerance value like 0.01 on the whole thing which should close up any small naked edges.

Here I got a closed mesh afterwards…

HTH, --Mitch

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Nice! Thank you.