Joining surfaces with different properties


When I am joining two surfaces/polysurfaces or even curves that have different properties such as different display colors or different materials rhino decides which of these two objects’ property it should take and apply to the joined surface/polysurface. It is absolutely nothing to do with selection order or what so ever. How can I regulate which objects properties I want? So in these examples I was joining the red surfaces with the textured surface and first it was all red and then they all received the texture… How can I control this?

Hi @Omer_Pekin, the selection order usually decides when single picked objects are joined. The first object in the selection is the one which properties are kept. This may be confusing if you window select your objects, where you do not have an object which is “the first”. It then uses the first object in the object table, which is the last added or edited object. You can trick around it in such cases, just cut and paste or move and move back the object you would like to keep the properties from, then window select and join.


Oh cut/paste works really good! thank you very much.