Creating joined surfaces from Polylines

Hello, everyone!

I’m trying to create a geometric lampshade with facet dome. I would like grasshopper to produce a solid dome object with a thickness of around 0.5 inches (preferably with the ability to edit said thickness if needed).

I am running into issues when I try to convert the closed polylines into surfaces. I tried to use the patch tool, but it produced surfaces that are unaligned in certain areas despite the original polylines lining up properly.

I would ideally like to cleanly turn the polylines into surfaces and offset those surfaces the desired distance while maintaining the ability to edit certain parameters later.

This is my first time posting, and I tried to get as far as I could with online tutorials. Thanks for the help! (11.1 KB)

This is a bit hard.

You have to create a patch surface which is untrimmed for every curve. Then one plane sorface. Then trim every surface with its every neighbouring surface. Then keep the needed ones. And this is how you will manage to create a watertight model.

Then if you want to add thickness, first join all surfaces, add thickness inwards, trim with a plane surface at the bottom. Remove everything bellow that plane surface. Cap the holes and voila… You have a solid.

Here is the idea in rhino. Not too difficult to do it in grasshopper. Just time consuming.

Idea.3dm (465.0 KB)

Now if you wish to preserve the curves, I am afraid your only option is to use mesh not surfaces.

‘quick’ options could involve using weaverbird’s ‘mesh from lines’ then turn back into breps with ‘fragment patch’ component from the face boundaries, or with pufferfish (MeshToPolysrf) then thicken with same plugin (pufferfish OffsetSrf) - you can also look at the network/polygon patch options in the bullant plugin