Boolean vs Join

I’m trying to create a solid by joining surfaces and polysurfaces. I generally try to only use the Join command as I have seen comments on the Web that imply that Boolean Union sometimes gives erroneous results.I have a situation where the Join command fails but Boolean Union works. What does that tell me? Is it safe to continue with the Union or will I find that it may fail when I try and 3D print it?

Hello- Join, on surfaces and polysurfaces, is used where there are open, unjoined edges from the two objects that are within tolerance of one another. Join never works if there are no available edges. Booleans work when objects intersect one another- preferably closed objects, for the most predictable behavior, but at nay rate without naked edges in the area of the intersections.

JoinVsBoolean.3dm(140.2 KB)


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