Joining Curves

Hello everyone, i have a file which contains for than 30.000 curvea and i want to joint them and create closes curves from it, but at some points curves do not touch each other, is there a easy way to do it?

Hello - no, there is no easy easy way to do it - what is the goal, once you have the closed curves?


i try to have a clean file with curves as low as posibble.

One way I could think of is as follows:

  1. Get end points of all lines
  2. Plug them into closest point
  3. Draw a line between these two points

It is a very CPU intensive process considering the number of nodes on your model, and also might give out weird results in some places

Thanks for replying, i thought there might be some kind of script to do that

I found that topic in forum but could not figured out how to use these codes.

If you post part of the file, we can try

Here is the file

Sorry, can’t open your file. I’m on rhino 6!

okay, no problem