Joining 2 surfaces to maintain rendered texture

joining surfaces.3dm (448.2 KB)

Can anyone help me join 2 rendered surfaces and maintain the rendered texture?

Hi @bob5
Join your surfaces so that they are all one material (material #1). Now use sub-object selection (ctrl+shift+LMB) to select the surfaces you want to give another material, go to the material tab and right click on material #2 and click “Assign to objects”.
HTH, Jakob

thanks Jakob, I’m still getting slight change in rendered surfaces after joining and reassigning?

Hi Bob - the file does not include the texture for the material that is assigned -


Hi Pascal, not sure I understand, thought I just needed render material to accomplish this. Are you saying I need to create a texture from the picture to make the object look like a consistent piece of wood?

Hi Bob - it’s just that without the texture I can’t see the problem you are describing - it looks like an image is what is being used in the texture but it is not in the file - can you post it here?

Thanks, @bob5 I see - in this particular case, rather than join, Untrim one of the halves and delete the other.
When it is not that simple, I thnk I’d apply say cylindrical mapping .

joining surfaces_CylindricalMapping.3dm (349.3 KB)
Then joining will not change things.


This is the picture of the wood I want

Thanks Pascal, think that will get me there.

Hi Pascal, not sure what I’m doing wrong, but when I join after untrimming, everything changes?
joining surfaces.3dm (365.2 KB)

Hi Bob - that - including the lower faces - is the ‘when it is not that simple’ case - you’ll need to use Cylindrical mapping. I added that to the joined object here - and then rotated the mapping widget to line the grain up more or less to match how it was.

joining surfaces _Mapped.3dm (443.2 KB)
@bob5 - V6 here.

Does that do anything good?


Pascal, could you save as rhino 6 and send again, thx bob