Join straight line to curve without losing straight line


I want to connect one curve and one line to a single line (and extrude it), because I want to blend surface with that.

I don’t care about curve radius etc, but I want straight line to stay tangential.
I joined curves and rebuilt it to get these two parts to become one single curve when exruding.

is it possible to avoid this waviness?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Wagner
Join your curves and when you ExtrudeCrv make sure that SplitAtTangents=No in the prompt - that will give you a single surface.

HTH, Jakob

Thanks Jakob, sounds great but I don’t have that kind of option between ToBoundary and SetBasePoint…

Using Rhino 7

Hi @Wagner
Hard to tell without a file, but my guess is that your input curve has a kink - meaning that the straight line and the arc aren’t tangent. You can use Match to make sure that they are tangent before joining them. If in doubt, post you curve(s) :slight_smile:

to use Jakob’s workflow,
_useExtrusion (set to Polysurfaces)
must be set first
_extrudeCrv will have the option splitAtTangent yes / no

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Aah, great @Tom_P ! I never used extrusions, so didn’t think of that :slight_smile:

Oh yes!
You made my day \o/
Thank you!

But still I want it to curves so that it keeps the straight line.
I haven’t have knowledge to do it. That splitAtTangents works only when extruding…
The straight line was made using point + tangent from curve :slight_smile:
I’ll make an example tomorrow :slight_smile: