Join several curves based on their proximity

I have a bunch of curves that I need to either sort or join to create planar edge surfaces with. Any idea whether they can efficiently be joined based on proximity or whether this should be done based on tree data structure?

E: To be more clear, I need to close the open joints between the hexagons at the intersection of the filleted corners. (8.4 KB)

Like this?

@Jakinta I would like to have the smaller filleted curves together to get the in-between of the hexagons. So with that I mean the small 3 corner joints.

Ok :slight_smile: (12.7 KB)

Have you tried the JoinCurves component with the Curves input flattened?

That was not working in my case, but i have to admit i have not tried to play with tolerance settings.

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@submillimetre, I tried joining the curves and used Wombat’s join curve with tolerance component, but that didn’t help.

@Jakinta Thanks, that’s it.
I noticed that creating edge surfaces on these is quite a heavy operation, so the next step is going to be orienting one surface to all of the applicable point groups. :wink: