ixCube CFD

ixCube CFD version 1.1 released to the public.

www.ixcube.com for all details on how to download and get your license.

Video Tutorials:
ixCube CFD Installation ( 1.30 min )

ixCube CFD : Wind tunnel setup ( 14.45 min)

ixCube CFD Analysis ( 11 min )

ixCube CFD Post-processing ( 10 min )

Gerry D’Anza
ixRay ltd

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Is trial license available?

Yes, send a email at info@ixray-ltd.com to get a trial license file


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thank you

I contacted you many times but i don’t get answer

Sorry but i did not get any email , which is your email ? I will contact you

I contacted you in: Sat, Nov 21, 2020
I will pm you my email

Wow, you’re a patient human being, Seghier! :slight_smile:

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1 email and many times do not seem to be the same thing :slight_smile:

Thanks for the trial license, yes 1 email but many contacts via website before it :slight_smile:

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