Grasshopper licenses for 50 people!

Hi there,
I work in a large engineering company and we are going to introduce grasshopper for 50 people. Does anyone know where to get licenses?



Grasshopper doesn’t need a specific licence as long as Rhino has one.
If you need Rhino licences you an get those from or contact a local reseller.

Seems it’s the wrong guy asking

OK… So you should have licenses for Rhino instead… But i’m looking for a study licenses for a 30 days, so people could learn the software for a futher use. Is it possible to get that ? and who should i contact ?

Everyone can have a 90-days trial licence for free.

But only once. You can’t set up a classroom of machines and use any of them for more than one 90 day period.

Thanks Jeremy for your answer :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile: