It's possible to apply the material in grasshopper?

Is it possible to apply the material in Grasshopper (Rhino 8) without using the “Custom preview” command to obtain, as output, the same input geometry but with the material applied?

Have you tried the new Grasshopper Rhino components in Rhino 8 BETA yet?

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Hi Martin!
Thanks, I’ve found it right now, it’s fantastic!
Could I create a material directly from Grasshopper, or must I make it in Rhino and then “import” it in Grasshopper?

Simple materials without texture can be created for a while already but materials with texture and all other settings are easier to create in Rhino and then reference it GH.

This. But they are planning to add more support for materials in the future but no ETA on that.

You can create materials directly in GH with Python or C# code but currently there aren’t any native nodes to create them with the exception of the OpenGL Material node in the Display tab but that’s pretty generic

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