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Did you reset the data recorder (hit the red X)?

oo ok i got it i had to restart the timer omg !!!
thx guys 1 step closer

now im looking for the boxes to move towards and away from the center point on the curves all I found was this (13.5 KB) (14.6 KB)
So I found this on how to move the boxes from 1 point to another but do not know how to animate it along the curves

Any suggestions?

I took a somewhat liberal approach to your tornado, don’t know if it helps. (21.1 KB)

Thats really cool man is exactly what I was aiming for just gotta figure out how exactly the sort component and the remap numbers are working to figure it out for myself
Thank you so much!!!

Hey man I just made it according to the picture but it doesnt appear the smae way as yours and the boxes are still rotating but not moving towards and away from the center could you have a look (14.1 KB)

I really need to figure out how to make the boxes move towards and away from the center while they are rotating in the spiral.

So i added the path I wish the boxes to travel on while they are rotating just need to figure out how to assign the points to the boxes and animate them together with the roatation any suggestions?

tornado (19 KB)

so I found how to move them now just to animate them (27.7 KB)

I’m not sure what you want to do.
You want the boxes to go back and forth on the lines?
If you do that, by definition you cannot have the ones closest to the center rotating faster.

Thats ok I dont need them to rotate faster I just need them to have both the rotation and movement towards the center at the same time

back and forth? otherwise you will have a very short animation
(or you want them to spawn at the edges and ‘die’ at the center?

If possible at random movemnt towards the center not at the same time

I think this is what you want. (16.6 KB)

Yes almost there its exactly what I need from the boxes the last thing would be for them to do this at random not all together

imagine chaos going back and forth

After reading threw this I feel like I have to post this:

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He is right.
The way it is going you will have contributed nothing to your own project.
Give it some thought, and if you hit a dead end, come back.

I made it like this it looks like a small galaxy spinning
the movement of the boxes is not correct. I am trying to make it like this but now for random boxes to go towards and away from the center while its spinning. (20 KB)

Sry its not a project im trying just to learn how to work with grasshopepr and wanted to make this
didnt mean to be a bother