Item lists

back and forth? otherwise you will have a very short animation
(or you want them to spawn at the edges and ‘die’ at the center?

If possible at random movemnt towards the center not at the same time

I think this is what you want. (16.6 KB)

Yes almost there its exactly what I need from the boxes the last thing would be for them to do this at random not all together

imagine chaos going back and forth

After reading threw this I feel like I have to post this:

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He is right.
The way it is going you will have contributed nothing to your own project.
Give it some thought, and if you hit a dead end, come back.

I made it like this it looks like a small galaxy spinning
the movement of the boxes is not correct. I am trying to make it like this but now for random boxes to go towards and away from the center while its spinning. (20 KB)

Sry its not a project im trying just to learn how to work with grasshopepr and wanted to make this
didnt mean to be a bother