Issues with rhino 6

We were working on a simple algorithm in class and we found out that we couldn’t do it in rhino 6.

03 Torre Parametrica Rotate Graphmapper (19.6 KB)

Check this out. And how is it related to R6 issue?

03 Torre Parametrica Rotate Graphmapper (20.1 KB)

Working with the exact same algorithm on rhino 5, the loft is perfectly executed

I’ve checked, too, and you seem to be right. It seems that the join curves of R6 is confusing the sequence of segments differently from R5. Possibly it’s a bug.

Or maybe a fix to an old bug in Rhino 5? My recent frustration with the vagaries of surface normals is evidence to me of something rotten/arbitrary/whimsical at the core of Rhino/GH.

@paula.garcia I’ve opened your attached file in Rhino 5 x64 sr14/GH 0.9.0076 and Rhino 6 (6.1.18022.21511, 01/22/2018) / GH1 and I see the same twisty thing in both:

Please paste the versions you are working with (Rhino and GH) and we’ll take it from there.

My versions of rhino are rhino 5 sr 14 32-bit (5.14.522.8390. 22/05/2017) and rhino 6 version 6 (6.0.18016.23451, 16/01/2018)