Issues with fixing the base geometry to model a facade panel detail

I’m working on a base geometry to recreate a facade detail that I manually modelled
(In attached image for the refernece, I’ve exported model it in autocad3d and used splice command to check for crossections as they need to be solid)

There are 2 major pain points that I’m Facing:

  1. The surface is getting divided into two parts when I try to offset it. It creates a gap and when I offset it in negative direction it shows error when I do boolean Union.

2)The second issue is to offset curves on the surface so that I can sweep the section for Joinery detail. This is creating skewed offsets and also bad sweep connections of the joinery.

From the above I concluded that the base geometry needs to be fixed I tried to convert Brep to quad remesh, also tried to populate to make a surface from points even tried my hands with dendro to convert it into volume and then mesh to remove the kinks and have a clean geometry. But nothing seems to be working. (97.3 KB) (102.8 KB)

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The result is looking different for me and not matching your’s.
There is also some error due to which the Brep is not visible in the attached image.

Meanwhile I tried a different approach , I quickly Modelled a clean mesh on top of the surface and Imported it. But I’m still getting stuck at the offset curve portion.

please, (102.8 KB)
Feel free to have a look.

Again thanks for help, I’m still figuring out your logic and picked up some new concepts.

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Your method looks cool !

i tried to use the mesh

here what i got the result

In your 1st script where you used Brep and recreated the surface, It’s showing Null data output from Brep | Brep (BBX) . I guess this is the reason we are not getting same results

you must have 2 untrimmed surface then intersect it the get a common edge and the trim it

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The input data’s are working just fine Brep|Brep output is not well

u can see the gap in between the surface in my geometry it was not there u can try using untrim surface before rebuilding the surface and check

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Thanks Rajeev That solved the Problem , But now I’m moving forward in sweeping the joinary detail and fixing the curves offset in the surface.

I tried doing that in the mesh but the sweeps are not clean as you can see it in the joining edge of the panels. I Also need to find a way in which these two surfacs don’t intersect and are clean. I tried modelling it with rhino initally and it’s not clean and has intersection surfaces.

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Hey Rajeev, I shifted the file into a new GH and it’s showing the same problem. I guess the Brep’s are not joining in together as the surfaces are getting offseted in the opposite directions. I tried offseting 2 surfaces seperately too but the result is not same. Attached the file for your reference. (62.7 KB)

try to extend the surface so u can have intersect one and work on it