Issue with definition with Custom UI which is hosted on website has become unresponsive

I have an issue with a shape diver definition that I had developed as an example, where I developed a custom UI and I am hosting it on our firm’s website. The definition is not responding when you change a parameter (the model is not even blurring): ShapeDiver API - IBI Classroom Example

It was working fine until some point in August and then became non-responsive without me changing anythingI went on the shape diver platform and the definition works fine.

Any idea if this might have been caused by the new API.
Any help will greatly appreciated.

I have had a look at your code and found that you are calling parameter updates in capital letters, for example:

api.parameters.updateAsync({ name: "CLASSROOM WIDTH", value: 10 });

However, when listing the parameters of your model, the names seem to have a different capitalization, therefore the updates fail. If I replace the above call by this one, it works:

api.parameters.updateAsync({ name: "Classroom Width", value: 10 });

I am surprised to hear that the application used to work at all given this issue. Especially since you are using your own copy of the ShapeDiver viewer. I would recommend instead to pull the javascript viewer from our own CDN.

Hello Mathieu and thanks for getting back to me.
I tried your suggestion but it did not work for me.
In the script that I uploaded on the shape diver paltform the parameter name was CLASSROOM WIDTH, and I was using the same name when listing the parameters.
I was using a different captilization just for the label (see below and attached images)

updating the parameter
api.parameters.updateAsync({ name: “CLASSROOM WIDTH”, value: val });

Classroom width (ft)

I changed everything all to Upper Case and lower case but it did not work either.
Is it maybe because I have the script in the body of my html and I am not calling it separately?

Regarding to your suggestion. Can you please clarify what do you mean by CDN ?
and can you please send me a link to have a look.
I had used a sample javascript that I found from the forum and edit it accordingly in my html.

I below attach images that illustrate what I say above and the html I have uploaded.
Thanks in advance and I am looking forward to your response

covid_classroomConfigurator.html (20.4 KB)

I am not sure what does not work in your code, but if I open the console in your application and call this:

api.parameters.updateAsync({ name: "Classroom Width", value: 10 });

it works like a charm. You can inspect the parameter names from the API point of view by calling api.parameters.get().

By CDN I mean that you should point to our viewer and not a copy that your are hosting on your own unless you have a good reason to do that. So replace
<script defer src="js/sdv.concat.min.js"></script>
<script defer src=""></script>

Hello Mathieu,
Thanks for the support. I managed to have it working, there was a space at the end of couple parameter names that was causing the issue.

For the CDN I remembered that the reason I was pointing to it locally is due to an issue with the Content Security Policy (CSP) of our company’s server. When i had it potinting directly to our viewer i was getting an error so I had to make a local copy.